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2017 Programs

December 8, 2017
19th Annual Coaches 
Breakfast and Book Exchange

Mark your calendars for 
Friday, December 8, 2017
8:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Indiana Wesleyan University
4100 Rockside Rd

Cost: $15.00 for members, colleagues and guests 

Includes a hot breakfast & beverages

Please RSVP for this event whether you are a member, colleague or guest so we can give our caterer a count  

AND…. if you decide at the last minute, please come anyway… but if you know now, tell us!

Requirements for admittance:  

1. Bring a GIFT WRAPPED BOOK for the random exchange.  It can be new or previously read, and should be something you've found useful or inspirational, in coaching or in life.  

Select a book that has meant something in your own life or work.  When your recipient opens the book, be prepared to share why you chose to forward the book -- that's the fun part!

2. Bring YOU.  Most people report their favorite aspect of our annual holiday gathering is that they have more time to connect with other fascinating people!

And while you've got that calendar out, why not go ahead and pencil in the second Friday of the month for all next year?  You can always give the time away if the monthly topic does not interest you, but how about protecting those dates for now?  

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Our 2018 Theme:
“Coaching In & Out”


November 10, 2017
Contracting and Closing: The Bookends of Effective Coaching Conversations

Our 2017 Theme has been Back to Basics, and during the year we explored many ways to dance with our clients, to shift their perspective, and to hold them accountable.  For our final learning session of 2017 we will focus on the framework of a coaching session: Contracting and Closing. 

Our presenter, who served as a mentor coach for three coaching programs and is deeply trained in the ICF PCC Markers, will offer several frames to help you dive more quickly and deeply into what really matters for your clients.  During the meeting you will practice these tools on each other (of course!).

What you’ll get from the session: 

  • A flexible five-question process for your initial coaching session that will meet all ethical requirements AND teach your client from the first moment that it’s all about them. 
  • A similar framework to start each regular coaching session that will help you shift your client from “talking about the problem” to being focused on what’s most important to them.
  • Understand the distinction between coaching the What versus the Who of the client, and how to get there faster at the start of any coaching session.  
  • Tips on how to laser-focus your client on value as you close a coaching session 
  • Finally, a simple process to close a coaching relationship when it’s time to move on.

We invite you to bring a copy of any coaching agreement you use in your business, both for sharing and to use in the practice portion of the program.  

About the Presenter

Jim Smith, PCC, is The Executive Happiness Coach®, a global provider of executive coaching, and personal and workplace transformation services.  His passion is to create a Happier world and workplace, one Leader at a time.

Jim participated in the first-ever global cohort to train as an Authentic Happiness Coach, holds his Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential, and is a certified Body and Movement practitioner. He serves as a mentor coach for Newfield Asia, and has helped coaches in over a dozen countries achieve their own PCC credential.  

He has coached leaders from 29 countries and on six continents, and has touched the lives of over 18,000 people through his work on Positive Emotion, Leadership, and Coaching. 

Jim wants you to know this: he dances a little and breathes On Purpose every day; he worships Dark Coffee, Dark Beer, and Dark Chocolate; and he deeply believes that Happiness is a Decision, not an Event!

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October 13, 2017
How To Get More Leads & Close More Customers

Want to know why customers buy? Want to use the techniques and strategies that close more business and get more leads? Join Jim Kukral for a fun, motivational and informative presentation about how you can take your business to the next level. Jim is an accomplished speaker and author of over 10 books.  Check out Jim's TEDx presentation:

For over 16-years, Jim Kukral has helped small businesses and large companies like Fedex, Sherwin Williams, Ernst & Young and Progressive Auto Insurance understand how to:
  • Build successful new online businesses or energize and refresh existing ones
  • Learn how to leverage social media for more sales, leads and publicity
  • Create imaginative marketing campaigns that get talked about
  • Innovate new products and services that could positively change your business bottom line
  • Attract first-class publicity that actually means something and gives an ROI
  • Make more profits with less work

A graduate of The University of Akron with a BA in Public Relations and a minor in Sales & Marketing, Jim has spent time working for publicly traded firms and small businesses alike. Jim’s work and experience in the Internet marketing industry has branded him as a leading thinker and thought-leader in the community.

As a serial Web-entrepreneur, Jim has consistently innovated many online businesses such as, a web-based solution that allows anyone to instantly create their own online university or training center. Jim was the part-owner/creator of a search engine marketing firm that now ranks as the world’s top 15 SEO agency according to Adage.

A blogger since 2001, Jim has reached millions of readers through online channels/networks and offline by writing for magazines and trade journals that are sent all over the globe.

September 8, 2017
The Artistry of Direct Communication

7:45a - 8:15a  Networking & Continental Breakfast
8:15a - 8:30a  Welcome, Announcements & Introductions
8:30a - 10:00a  Program

1.5 Core Competency CCEs pending

Indiana Wesleyan University 
4100 Rockside Road in Independence

A coach’s ability to use the competency of “Direct Communication” is often constrained by her/his understanding of what it is and how to best communicate directly.  Is it literally “telling it like it” is, being candid, or frankly laying out what the coach is experiencing?  While it may include some version of these it goes well beyond them. It also includes the artistry of how to communicate with the client; how to help the client communicate with him/herself in ways that move the person forward; and have the potential of being transformational.

This session explores bringing the whole of oneself to the coaching conversation and using the tools of language, reframing, and metaphor to help prompt what may be unspoken and unknown into awareness. This is accomplished through outlining the process and guidelines for using these tools, short exercises and a coaching session. 

Juliann is the Chairperson and faculty for the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland Coach Certification Program and workshops, a certified executive and team coach, an organizational consultant, speaker and educator. She has taught coaching in Scotland and China and is a Mentor Coach for leaders and coaches attending programs at Case Western Reserve University.
Juliann has over 30 years of experience in organizational development (OD) consulting and team and leadership development. In the process, Juliann has served clients in 19 diverse industries and a variety of organizations from Global and Fortune 50’s to small family-owned businesses. Her executive coaching practice has served leaders in 18 countries on 5 continents. Outside of her practice, Juliann promotes coaching and OD excellence through published articles and chapters as well as presentations at national, regional and local professional organizations and universities.


August 11, 2017
The Neuroscience of Coaching

7:45a - 8:15a  Networking & Continental Breakfast
8:15a - 8:30a  Welcome, Announcements & Introductions
8:30a - 10:00a  Program

1.5 Core Competency CCEs pending

Indiana Wesleyan University 
4100 Rockside Road in Independence

Drawing on the growing body of research on the neuroscience of coaching, this session will explore how coaches can leverage an understanding of emotional, hormonal, and neurophysiological processes to facilitate the learning and growth of their coaching clients.  In the session we will discuss findings from cognitive neuroscience regarding actions that facilitate, as well as those that inhibit learning, change, creativity, and relational connection.  We will also discuss specific coaching practices that leverage neurobiological processes to facilitate a client’s sustained, desired change. 

Melvin L. Smith, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Organizational Behavior and Faculty Director of Executive Education at the Case Weatherhead School of Management. He received his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management from the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business.  Dr. Smith also holds a B.S. degree in General Management and Accounting from Purdue University and an MBA in Marketing from Clark-Atlanta University.  

Dr. Smith’s research and teaching focus on leadership and emotional intelligence in the workplace, as well as the development and use of human and social capital in organizations through executive coaching.  In addition to his work with numerous U.S. companies, Melvin has worked with executives in Canada, Dubai, India, New Zealand, Scotland, and Trinidad.  He has also served as a visiting professor at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain where he co-taught a senior executive education course on emotionally intelligent leadership.

Prior to completing his doctoral work at the University of Pittsburgh, Melvin spent over fifteen years in a series of sales/marketing management, and organization development positions with a number of Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Pepsi-Cola, and H.J. Heinz.

June 9, 2017 
Using Images to Cultivate Your Client’s Awareness and Insight 


We, as coaches, believe everyone is unique, creative, resourceful and whole. We also know in every situation there are countless points of view. Using images in our coaching process is a powerful way to nurture these tenets of our profession. Images can unlock our client’s awareness and insight. They can be as powerful as any questions we may ask.

During this interactive session and evocative program, you will explore how to use images at the various points of the coaching process. Starting with the initial contracting phase to the coaching conversation segments and going all the way to the end of the coaching engagement, you will learn ways this tool can enhance your client’s progress. This experience will demonstrate how images can get to the heart of the matter for your clients.

Bill works with individuals, cross-functional and intact teams, managers, and senior/executive leaders in creating and facilitating experiences that help them to actualize their potential and achieve their desired results.  

As an external and internal consultant, facilitator, coach, educator and project manager for 15 years, Bill supports individuals and teams in the public and private sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, educational, professional services, and faith-based organizations. Prior to founding Kairos Consulting LLC, Bill most recently worked as an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant at Cleveland Clinic.

Bill holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from Cleveland State University and a B.S. in Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior from Rutgers University where he was honored with the “Excellence in Leadership Award”.  He is a Board Certified Coach, a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP), a Certified Serving Leader Strategic Advisor, a qualified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), a Certified Change Acceleration Process Coach and a Certified GE Work-Out™ Facilitator.

May 12, 2017
Designing Actions: Creating the Opportunity for On-going Learning 

The walls at my new gym motivate clients with: 

“Don’t JUST wish for it.  WORK for it.”
“GOALS are dreams with DEADLINES”
“THINK about WHY you started”

Each time I read these as I’m on the treadmill or rowing machine I think fondly of my own coaching clients. 
While Intentional change starts with a dream of where a client wants to be, the rubber hits the road in the “get ‘er done” stages – building a learning agenda:  designing actions to move towards desired outcomes – and experimenting with new behaviors:  dynamic implementation of those actions. As coaches, we need to be agile and adept at unleashing in our clients the ideas, actions and commitments they know will move them towards those dreams.  Importantly, inviting clients to determine and implement useful accountability methods that align with their own realities is a key step to success. A wise and effective leader I was fortunate to work for used to say, “What gets measured gets done.”

Come prepared to share and experience best practices for Designing Actions, Planning & Goal Setting, and Managing Progress & Accountability.

Catherine M. Shew (Cathy) is a certified executive coach and business advisor who is passionate about positive leadership, coaching and strategy. Her clients, both individuals and organizations, consistently acknowledge her talent for “unleashing their best.” She brings unique and comprehensive business acumen to her work given a broad set of demonstrated competencies and experiences in many key focus areas of business at LTV Steel and FirstEnergy.  

Cathy graduated Summa Cum Laude from Case Western Reserve University with a MS in Positive Organization Development and Change (MPOD). She graduated from Walsh University with majors in Finance, Accounting and Management and is a graduate of Leadership Akron Class XXVII. Cathy is also a past recipient of the YWCA Women of Professional Excellence Award. She has served and serves on a number of boards including: Vice President of Corporate Member Affairs for the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), Vice President Corporate Development for ACG Cleveland, President of the Board and long-time Board Trustee for both Summit Housing Development Corporation, Board Trustee for the Walsh University Alumni Association (received the University’s Distinguished Service Award in 2016) and serves on the Board for ACCESS dedicated to addressing the plight of area homeless women and children. She volunteers in a variety of roles including: Leadership Akron, Heart to Heart and SOAR™.

April 7, 2017 (FIRST FRIDAY!)
Managing Your Client’s Progress and Accountability

This Meeting is being held on the FIRST FRIDAY because our typical meeting date is on Good Friday.

We have all experienced great conversations and meetings with our client – they’re engaged and focused, able to declare their goals and desired outcomes, and enthusiastically make commitments to take action and practice new behaviors.  Yet, the next coaching meeting comes around and they haven’t moved forward and their commitments are left hanging.  How can you create accountability and forward movement with clients that leads to new behaviors becoming reality?  Our April program will help you “sharpen your saw” for this critical set of coaching skills that powers progress and the achievement of your client’s goals.

Jennifer Cohen, SVP of Ratliff and Taylor, will help us collectively explore the tools and techniques available to manage progress and accountability with our clients.   Jennifer will share her 34+ years of experience, insights and perspective as an executive coach and HR leader.   
Jennifer is the Leadership Development Practice Leader at Ratliff & Taylor, the largest Talent Management Consulting firm in Northeast Ohio.  Jennifer and her team of executive coaches & leadership consultants, work with a wide range of corporate, non-profit, public and family owned companies throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond.  The team’s goal is to collaborate with leaders to create excellence in their people, teams and organizations through coaching, development experiences, and focused actions.  
Jennifer is a graduate of The Ohio State University and the Newfield Coaching Foundations Program.  She is certified in multiple assessments including Management Research Group’s suite of assessments and Mutli-Health’s EQi 2.0 assessment for Emotional Intelligence.   She enjoys creating development experiences and training programs for her clients and is a frequent facilitator at business and board retreats.  She is a proud graduate of Leadership Cleveland, Class of 2016.

March 10, 2017
It’s your call! Exploring the ethical decisions, you make as a coach

We, as coaches, adhere to a standard of ethics in our coaching engagements. At times, we may find ourselves in situations where our ethical standards may be challenged. How we handle these situations is important to our coaching practice and the coaching profession.  

Working in small groups you will have the opportunity discuss real life coaching case studies. Learn from others on what questions to ask, what approaches are possible and what determines the best actions to take in exploring these ethical case studies together.

Join us and sharpen your coaching practice in 2017!

Click here for the ICF Code of Ethics.

1.5 ICF Core Competencies CCEs (Pending)

Our guides for this program are Jean Triner and Divya Sriram.

Jean Triner is the president of Triner Associates, Inc., a firm focused on achieving results through people. Jean and her colleagues increase the success of client organizations through the application of skills in executive coaching and facilitation, change management, and talent development. 

Jean has headed up her own consulting firm for fifteen years, incorporating in 2001. She consults with a wide spectrum of clients ranging from major, global corporations to small, privately owned companies. In support of succession planning, Jean has coached many high level executives who are being groomed for the top leadership positions. In conjunction with change management initiatives, Jean has worked with executives and a diverse group of people in their organizations to obtain ownership in the changes needed. 

Jean received a BA degree with honors from the University of Washington and a master’s degree (magna cum laude) in organizational effectiveness from the University of Cincinnati. She later broadened her business leadership perspective by participating in an Executive Development Program at Harvard Business School.

Divya Sriram, a Triner Associates colleague, focuses on helping senior business leaders, executive leadership teams and non-profit boards sharpen their authentic leadership brand and build successful teams to lead their organization to greatness. A keen believer of the power of business narrative, Divya uses the framework of storyboarding, metaphors and visuals to empower business leaders and teams towards their journey of greatness. Inspired by Disney’s Mike Vance’s concept of ‘displayed thinking’, to enable her audience to visualize and represent their context, self, future states and action planning. Divya works closely with leaders/teams to galvanize the forces, challenge them to expand their leadership reach, and fulfill organizational missions. 

She obtained her Bachelors of Commerce from Delhi University and her MBA from FORE School of Management in New Delhi, India. She completed her coaching certification at iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). She holds an ACC certification from ICF.

February 10, 2017
Coaching Presence: The Art of Building Trust and Intimacy

What is more important than a coach’s ability to be present, to be in the moment with our clients? It is a foundation skill. When we truly embody the skill of “being there,” we as coaches cultivate rapport, build trust and connectedness with our clients enabling the coaching process to flow. 

Our coaching presence, our state of being, is the first step in helping our clients achieve the growth and change they want. Yet flexing our presence muscle can be risky, it means bringing our whole self into our coaching engagements. Through our own self-awareness, using our heart, mind and body we let go of control demonstrating our trust in the potential of our client.

Learn how your presence opens up possibilities for you and your clients. Be able to identify the habits or triggers impacting your presence and how to regain your authentic presence. Develop your confident strong presence in this interactive, in the moment, program.

Jan Maurer is the owner of Avant-Edge, a coaching, training and consulting company started eight years ago when she needed to make a shift in her thinking and her being. She is dedicated to working with individuals and teams to discover their potential and make the behavioral shifts to achieve their desired performance goals. Her specialty is working with women leaders and executives to find their voice in their organizations. Jan Is a Gestalt Professional Certified Coach, hold a PCC designation from the ICF and is a Board Certified Coach. Most of all she is energized being with her clients and savors the tingling inside when coaching succeeds.


January 13, 2017
Special Program:January Workshop

Getting Your Clients Unstuck:  Applying The Power of TED* to Your Coaching and Your Life
Friday, January 13th
8:30am to 4:00pm
6 ICF Core Competency CCEs pending
$65 members/colleagues before Dec. 16. 
$75 members/colleagues after Dec. 16. 
$85 guest

TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) has had a significant and positive impact within entire organizations, teams and individuals.   Using the TED* framework in coaching will:   
  • Develop your awareness on how to shift your clients and focus on the outcomes they want in coaching.
  • Liberate you and your clients from reactive habits, where we (both you and your client) get hooked and transform these strategies.
  • Help you become more outcome-focused and passion-based in creating what has heart and meaning for you and your clients.
  • Put you on the path to more effective, resourceful and develop resilient relationships in your coaching practice, in your home life and everywhere.
Chris Nagel, certified Power of TED* Practitioner will bring the distinctive and empowering frameworks for shifting from reacting to the problems to creating the outcomes you envision.  TED* provides ways of relating that transform drama into resourceful and empowered relationships.

This unique offering is an experience into Using and Understanding TED*. This highly interactive and experiential workshop will prepare professionals to more effectively use the TED* frameworks and processes in working with their coaching clients and in their own personal lives by deepening their understanding of TED*. 

Chris Nagel is the Director for The Cleveland Clinic Leadership Experience in the Global Leadership and Learning Institute at the Cleveland Clinic.  Chris has been a thought leader within the organization to integrate Serving Leader work into the culture in the Cleveland Clinic Health System locally and abroad. 

Chris holds a BA in Business and a MA in Organizational Leadership along with being a Certified Practioner for the Power of T.E.D.* work and Gestalt Professional Certified Coach.